29 August 2013

The Closet Fair

Hello fashion lovers, it's the 4th edition of The Closet Fair holding at the exclusive Swe Bar and Lounge on the 14th of Sept 2013. It promises to be an amazing blend of networking, karaoke and exclusive shopping event.

There will be several fashion, style, beauty and lifestyle pieces and services all on display to create a long lasting impression on our elitist shoppers throughout the duration of the fair.

For more info visit www.kubechiconceptz.com, email kubechi@kubechiconceptz.com or follow @kubechiconceptz . Limited stands available

Side attractions include: Music Performances, Cocktails, Food and karaoke

Proudly supported by Linda Ikeji's blog, 360nobs, Olorisupergal, Swe Bar n Lounge, TweetAuracool, Deevas World, Maryanne Alabi, Ebonix Pictures,  Saycheese Cakes and Lawpat Prints.

Let's make it a date!

25 August 2013

Model post

Today is all about one of Nigeria's leading top model. As one that's been on that part I think it's about time I start celebrating them here on my blog.

Stand A Chance To Win N5,000 Worth Of Airtime On TRB Fashion Diary Segment

My Fashion diary is a new segment on TRB for fashionable and intelligent people that would last for just seven days. Its going to be a segment where people get to send in their fashion related stories i.e experience, embrassing moment etc to us via trendyrammy@gmail.com and the person with the best story gets his or her self  N5,000 worth of airtime of any Nigeria network.

1. Send your story with a well detailed title to trendyrammy@gmail.com including your full name, location, phone number and twitter handle.
2. Follow us on twitter @trendyrammy
3. Mention to us on twitter writting " i just shared my fashion story with @trendyrammy"

1. After the submission of all stories,seven best stories would be shortlisted.
2. We would post them daily on the site starting from 16th of September - 22nd September, 2013.
3. On the 23rd of September, the titles of the seven stories would be posted on the site and the title with the highest comment will emerge as the winner.

- All stories should be sent to trendyrammy@gmail.com on or before 13th of September,2013.
- No gender discrimination. Its opened to both male and female.
- Actual date of the competition is 16th- 22nd September, 2013.
- For more enquires call 07039185946 or visit www.trendyrammy.com

13 August 2013

7 Fashion Rules You should break

Everyone has heard at least one old fashion rule. Have you ever been told  that your jewelry metals must match?
If you’re like me, you grew up hearing these from your mom or grandma whenever you wore something they didn’t like. You thought your outfit was fine, but one of the rules probably made you rethink it. Many of you may still believe one or two of them, because you’ve heard them so many times.
Believe it or not, most of those fashion rules are completely outdated and false!
As someone who loves fashion but doesn’t believe in old-fashioned rules, I say it’s time to put some of these style myths to rest once and for all. It’s the 21st century, and grandma’s fashion rules just don’t apply anymore.
Here’s the list of fashion rules you’re allowed (and encouraged) to break:

11 August 2013

Currently Lusting-Stripes

Happy Sunday y'all.Trust you having the best of today.The long weekend is over *sadface* as much as i love holidays i still live being busy.

Lately I have been lusting over stripes without even knowing.Today I am going through my blog post and almost everything I have worn lately had stripes.So I thought I share with y'all.Enjoy the rest of your day *Hugs.

8 August 2013

Casual Stripe

Hello lovies,trust y'all are good and enjoying the long weekend.Today is super hot and I just couldn't think of anything else to wear but this. I am loving stripe all over. I find myself wearing stripe every now and then.

 Enjoy the rest of the day! Hugs*

6 August 2013

Beach Wear

Heading to the beach this weekend??Make sure you accessorize with one of these:

4 August 2013

Sunday Brunch

Today I was going for a brunch in one of my fav restaurants and I decided to wear one of my obsessions (skirts)and of course my jacket last seen on my last post.Happy sunday.

2 August 2013

I can't think without my glasses

Today I went for a simple laid back denim look. A pair of blue denim and a green sleeveless top was super cool, but on second thought I wore my blue and white stripe jacket over and I was good to go.

And my glasses lol.I've had it for months but never wore it because it was never seen, but today the glasses did the trick. Hope y'all love it.Have a great weekend,*Hugs