6 July 2013

Wardrobe Essentials

Working in a not too corporate environment, I find that the classic must have lists I read about often don't apply to me. Obviously we don't need lists to dictate us what to wear, it's just that for list-o-holics like myself (I'm sure you're one too, be honest with me now!) it can provide guidance for what pieces to invest in and offer some structure in the way we shop.

The task of revamping your wardrobe can be a tough one to tackle. Trends change each season, sometimes so quickly it's difficult to keep up. And how are you supposed to know what items to own if you want to look consistently stylish?

One key factor in versatility is color. Because wardrobe essentials have to go with lots of other clothing, they tend to be monochromatic and neutral in color. They also must work with different outfits. A blazer that you can pair with a skirt, pants, or a pair of jeans is a good example.

A lot of wardrobe must-have items are black. Black garments offer many pluses: No one knows how often you wear them. Stains are difficult, if not impossible, to see. The color is flattering on every person and every body type. And with a black basic, you’re free to add color in other areas of your outfit and have fun with prints or great accessories.

To help you i've pulled together a list of must-have pieces you should fill your closet with.
My picks range from basics like a crisp white blouse and that little black dress to statement items (like a printed silk scarf,bold neck piece and bright heels). Not only will these garments pair nicely with just about anything, they'll also elevate a so-so outfit from the druthers of drab to fashionable and fab.

Pair of black pumps
Black pumps go with everything, they won’t get too dirty, and they can also go from day to night. If you can afford only one pair of black pumps, go with a dressier pair; shoes are generally easier to dress down than to dress up.
When buying shoes, make sure they’re comfortable! Don’t expect them to “break in.” You’re going to spend some money on them because shoes tend to cost a bit more, so make sure they fit right.

Little black dress (LBD)
Ah, the little black dress. It should be sexy, yet sophisticated. It should be well-made and fit like a glove. It should hide your flaws and accentuate your attributes. It can go from day (wear it to the office with a cardigan or blazer and a set of pearls and leather pumps) to night (take off the blazer or cardigan and add some makeup, jewelry, and heels). Choose a LBD in the style that suits you, makes you feel comfortable, and looks most like you. It can be sleeveless, have cap sleeves, or have 3/4-length sleeves. It can have a V-neck, boat neck, crew neck, or square neck. It can be knee-length, a little longer, a little shorter, or miniskirt length. The LBD is both universal and individual at the same time. Find one that makes you feel fabulous and make the investment because this is one piece that really gives you your money’s worth.

There's no reason why a purse can't be both fashionable and functional. Find one or two that speak to your unique style, it will only enhance and complement an outfit. Try pairing a bright purse, like one that's red or canary yellow, with a simple yet chic outfit in neutral or dark shades.

Diamond studs . . . or cubic!                                    
You definitely don’t want to leave your ears bare, and diamond studs go perfectly with everything. If you are heading to work in a suit and then out at night in jeans and a blouse, studs are the perfect complement. They’re classy, and you can throw them on without worrying whether they go with what you’re wearing because diamonds go with everything!

Don’t have the money for genuine diamonds studs? Don’t worry. Buy cubic zirconia instead; just keep them small.

Set of pearls
A set of pearls can be a beautiful accent to any outfit. They’re perfect for the office and for a formal affair. Obviously, real pearls are expensive, so if you can borrow from Grandma — lucky you! If not, you can buy fakes. Just play around with them.
Pearls aren’t just for those who prefer classic styles. There are many ways to wear them, and a long strand can be worn with a funkier outfit.
~but hey! pearls aiint for grandma...


Black blazer                                                                                                                         
The black blazer is key in your wardrobe. Because it’s black, it goes with virtually everything. You can change the look just by changing the accessories.
Although it doesn’t need to be ridiculously expensive or high-end, the blazer does need to fit you perfectly and work with your body type. If you want to appear taller or longer, choose a blazer that’s longer. If you want to accentuate your beautiful waistline, make sure it’s fitted in the waist area. Also make sure it’s current. Avoid one that looks like something from the 80s  and oversized with enormous shoulder pads.
You can wear a single-breasted blazer comfortably and fashionably either open or closed, and you have the option of wearing it over dresses or skirts, as well as pants.
You can never go wrong with a black blazer and blue jeans.
Don’t be afraid to make the blazer your own: Add a favorite pin to the lapel if you want to jazz it up when the occasion calls for it. A black blazer doesn’t have to be boring. Again, it’s a basic that you can build your outfit around.

Pair of baby doll flats
 Baby doll flats is a must have, especially when you having a long day at work and you'll be moving up  and down, lets face it as much as those pumps makes us feel sexy they sometime hurt as hell.

Knee length black Pencil Skirt
You can't go wrong with a pencil skirt. They're always trendy. And they'll give you an hourglass figure even if you don't have Kim Kardashian's curves. Every woman should have a knee-length black skirt that fits perfectly and gives her a slim appearance. The particular style is up to you (and what looks good on your body type): It can be a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt. So that it can go from season to season, look for one that’s a lightweight wool.

Black trousers
A pair of high-quality, flat front, black trousers are a necessity in every wardrobe. Stay away from pleats because they only accentuate an area that no one really needs accentuating! If you can buy only one pair of trousers, select a length that matches the heel height you most commonly wear. And choose a lightweight wool that will work no matter the season.
If you can buy another pair of trousers, red is great to have. Red is a refreshing change in the darker months, and it shows that you have style and are daring enough to let everyone know it.

White Shirt
Ok, the white blouse is a gimme, but  hey, it's so important we're going to mention it anyway. Stock up on white shirts because you'll always need them, they make you look sharp. The are perfect to dress up the most ragged of shorts, a top that's a little more classy and refined like an off white silk shirt works well. Rather go a size up than true to size for a nice relaxed fit.

Black leather bag
A black leather bag is a perfect everywhere bag, a bag you can wear to work, to lunch, to dinner, and even shopping on the weekend. It goes with everything, and you’ll feel comfortable using it with whatever color or prints you may be wearing. It should be medium-sized: large enough to hold whatever you need during the day but not so large that it looks awkward if you find yourself running straight out to dinner with it.


Perfect Jeans

Jeans are the epitome of versatile. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Depending on your style I'd go for dark blue skinnies, a medium blue boyfriend fit or a deep blue flare pipe. Get a pair that fits you well. There are so many different styles to choose from — from skinny or boot cut to boyfriend or flared.

A belt can be the perfect and easiest accessory to wear. It can add interest to an outfit that needs ‘something’, it’s a great way to break-up an outfit, add some extra color, make a flowy top or dress fitted or some draw attention to your waist. Whatever the reason it’s tough to go wrong with a belt.

Denim Jacket
Denim jackets may have spent the last few seasons as a forgotten staple in the back of many closets, but it’s time to take them out of hiding and embrace their versatility and style. Denim jackets are the perfect transitional piece. They look just as great paired with flirty dresses as they do with the most casual tees and leggings. Throw a jean jacket over any outfit and you’ll be ready to move heads.

Colorful Scarves
Get a colorful scarf and throw it on to add a little oomph to a simple outfit. The fun thing about scarves is they can be wrapped in multiple ways.


                                Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate all your comments.
                                                           xoxo Ndi'kim


  1. Sweet love your list is so cool. I'm happy I have at least 98% of what you listed here. Keep up the good work dear..xoxo.

  2. Such a nice list,yes!So true..