16 July 2013

Denim,jumpsuit & polkadot

Hello dearies, it's been few days without a blog post, well it's all due to the weather, it's been raining and cloudy lately and my network has been down. The weather is fair enough because I have my internet working now.

Today,is one of those days people stare at me because of the length of my jumpsuit. Most people say I look funny with it, but I just love it because it gives this 80's kinda look.tho I accept it's funny.

I love jumpsuits, though I always struggle with the "how I'm gonna get naked every time I go to the bathroom today"issue.But like they say "fashion sometimes is way uncomfortable "and I guess we all make small sacrifices for fashion now and then.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

                            Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate all your comments.
                                                           xoxo Ndi'kim


  1. NOO!!Its length isn't funny at all.It has a nice colour and shape,perfect for summer but when you say they made fun of the length I thought it would be flared and a bit longer which would be also awesome :)


  2. I love this look! The blue color palette is fab! And I definitely need that purse! Cute!

    xo, Kenya


    1. Thanks doll,so glad you love it.

  3. I love the jumpsuit and the shoes! Stunning Ndi!