18 July 2013

Brown & Red

Today is another rainy day here.And I am feeling all lazy like I should just lay in bed all day(I wish i could).

Brown and red are two colours I love to pair.But I always go easy in picking the shades. Heavy red with heavy brown will not be a pleasing sight.

I try to  go neutral in both the shades or keep one of them darker.

Red may be a bright color, but brown is a NEUTRAL, which makes it go with almost everything.

                            Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate all your comments.
                                                           xoxo Ndi'kim


  1. Nice combo!!!! And yes,i LOVE your shoes. Pls where did u get em

  2. Lovely colour combination and i love your shoes too.They look so pretty


  3. love those jeans and your hair!

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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  4. I really like this color combo too, really nice outfit!