21 June 2013

It's my birthday

Yeah! it'sanother  22nd june again and i am so thankful for such a great life.Just looking back through all those past years now am like "yea it's been God all the way"

22nd june is one of those days i always look forward to,the wishes,gift and yes the Cake lol.Growing up my mum always baked our birthday cake,yes "our"my younger sister's birthday is 25th june,i think we were meant to be twin,lol.Mum made sure we always had our cakes even if there was no party.But for the past 3years i haven't cut my birthday cake from mum,guess am all grown up.But my sweet better half hubby knows just how to fill in that space and he's given me the best so far.Last year he got me a cake i loved so much except he had to announce my age on it,but i loved it.

I am really happy today and looking forward to seeing my cake today.I have grown to get used to the fact that it rains every 22nd june since i was born.But i am wishing it doesn't today.

Ok,i'll run now,hopefully i'll post few pictures of how i'll spend yet another 22nd june "my birthday.

                                                               My pretty sister.

                                                                                  She again...
                                                                            Last years cake.
 Thanks for stopping by,i appreciate all your comments xoxo Ndi'Kim.


  1. happy birthday, hope you had fun

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  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! hope you have a bless one :)

  3. Happy birthday, have an amazing time with your people!
    P.S your sister is pretty, you both look alike.

  4. Happy birthday, many more years to come

  5. Thanks doll for all the wishes.Hugs

  6. Happy birthday girl! Congrats and many more years. We're getting old :D!!! Noooot....I can't believe that we're the same age :D Turning the same amount of years next month ;)

    xoxo Gozika

    1. Yea girl...how time flies.thanks.

    2. Yea girl...how time flies.thanks.

  7. Awww Happy Belated birthday you and my cousin are birthday mates while me and your younger sis is the same too. I am June 25th too. Your best is yet to come dearie