30 June 2013

The Closet Fair Mainland Edition Holds On The 6th Of July at La Mango Restaurant and Bar

Join other trendy shoppers on the 6th of July at La Mango Restaurant and Bar 2 Adekunle Fajuyi Way Ikeja GRA for an amazing blend of Networking and exclusive shopping event
On display will be male and female clothings, shoes, bags, beauty/makeup products, lingeries, fashion accessories and more
Take advantage of OUCH sale. 50% OFF OUCH w o m a n and other selected items
#Fashion #Retail #Networking #Music #Cocktails
Event: The Closet Fair
Venue: La Mango Restaurant and Bar 2 Adekunle Fajuyi Way Ikeja GRA
Date: July 6, 2013
Time: 10am-7pm
Powered by: Kubechi Conceptz
Email: Kubechi@Kubechiconceptz.com
Phone: 08084222708
Twitter: @kubechiconceptz
Facebook: Kubechi Conceptz

29 June 2013


So today I went for a friends birthday lunch,(more like hanging out with the girls).And as lazy as I felt,all I could do was this statement tee over a linen pants.I just wanted a simple and comfy look.But I wasn't feeling lazy for few shoots for my blog post..xoxo!

28 June 2013

T-shirt- Alpha and Omega of Fashion Alphabet

Today i did something that surprised me.Years back i won't be caught wearing all black.But somehow i found myself rocking it sometime back(see it HERE) And to think that i loved it.
I love this black tee,i can wear with just everything,its one piece i can't do without lately.
So today i decided to do all black again,but this time i styled it with a denim and with my puss the whole look brightened up.
I love this look and i see me doing more of it.

26 June 2013

All that went down

So this was how I spent my birthday.I had so much fun with my few friends that came around.What's life if we don't celebrate.
And yea I loved my cake.

24 June 2013

Friends Gift

Ok,i am back from such a long and great weekend.I had so much fun on my birthday(will post pictures soon).
Anyways,i got this blue skirt as a gift from one of my fav girl (Pamela).She got it for me from a trip few weeks back.And she said she knew I"ll pull it off that's why she got me this blue skirt.
I hope I have made her proud with the way I styled it.

21 June 2013

It's my birthday

Yeah! it'sanother  22nd june again and i am so thankful for such a great life.Just looking back through all those past years now am like "yea it's been God all the way"

22nd june is one of those days i always look forward to,the wishes,gift and yes the Cake lol.Growing up my mum always baked our birthday cake,yes "our"my younger sister's birthday is 25th june,i think we were meant to be twin,lol.Mum made sure we always had our cakes even if there was no party.But for the past 3years i haven't cut my birthday cake from mum,guess am all grown up.But my sweet better half hubby knows just how to fill in that space and he's given me the best so far.Last year he got me a cake i loved so much except he had to announce my age on it,but i loved it.

I am really happy today and looking forward to seeing my cake today.I have grown to get used to the fact that it rains every 22nd june since i was born.But i am wishing it doesn't today.

Ok,i'll run now,hopefully i'll post few pictures of how i'll spend yet another 22nd june "my birthday.


20 June 2013

Friday Fun Pants

I love fridays not because its weekend and i get to rest,but because its one of the days i get to play a little dress up(try new things) before stepping out.
Today i'm having fun wearing my animal prints hareems.I love this pants because they are barely a step up from PJ's.I can wear it with a blazer and heels for a formal casual look,or team it with tee's and some cool flats and i'll still look super chic.
It's friday y'all have fun,enjoy your weekend and wear some fun pants.

19 June 2013

The Journey has just began

 Hey dolls trust y'all having a great week.
Sometime last week i was going for this long trip that took a whole day,and just when i thought of what to wear,so as to be very comfy,i found this tee in my closet and to think that the write up on it just fit into that day.I paired it up with my zara pant and with my fringe flat boot my journey began.

17 June 2013

Style Inspiration

 Get inspired by this look and try them out.You'll sure move heads.Have a great week.

15 June 2013

Get it right

Print is here to stay;they say a lot about you and give people hints about your personality.Prints are great for adding movement to a dress and can transform your entire look.
Think of what prints entice you and why. Also, think about which prints would work best for your body type and personality. Keep in mind the print and the colors in the dress. A print can be daring, youthful, enticing, classic or bold. Choose from dresses that are fully printed or are sparsely printed.
As you begin to look at the various types of prints that you might want to choose, you'll see many different patterns and prints.Knowing and understanding these ideas can help you be sure that you've chosen the right prints dresses for yourself.
Prints are a great way to play around with color, so it’s like you get the best of both worlds.You can make quite a splash in prints dresses that are made from bold and beautiful colors – and you can also get a lot out of prints dresses that are more subtle tones and hues.


13 June 2013

They just go together

Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper ;There are somethings that are made for each other - they just go together.
In fashion, it’s often the unexpected that make the best pairs – like stripes and florals, or leather and chiffon. The mix of yellow,black and white is one of those such pairings. Quickly becoming one of my favorites,there’s something so fresh about this particular combination that makes me love it..

11 June 2013

Wedge Boots

This week i am loving some new purchase that are yet to be made..WEDGE BOOTS.I wasn't a fan of the boots when they first came to the fashion scene.Now i find myself loving them.lol.Here are some i found online...

9 June 2013

Steal her style-A touch of floral

Hey dolls! This week has been really good.Although too busy but hey! i can't complain.
Todays style is bold.All black with just a touch of floral.I really didn't have time to come up with anything serious. Is it a great style? Would you rock this?

5 June 2013

Yellow Syndrome

Yellow is trending this season.Get inspired by celebrities who sure knows how to rock it.

3 June 2013

Black and white stripe

When  a party requires an outfit that's elegant and chic,i just know the dress that will do the trick.This colour block dress features bands of bold black and white fabric that lines the hermline of this teal  green dress and chiffon to add up sleeves.I kept the party in the dress and paired it up with same teal green pumps,didn't need bracelet as my arms are all covered.
Try this look and guest will line up to see your stylish statement!

1 June 2013

Repost-May Post

Hello trust you all are having a great weekend??Anyways today I am displaying my total may post.let me know what you think and which was my best look...Enjoy your weekend.