7 May 2013

Still on my Obsession-Skirt

It's such a beautiful day.Don't get me wrong,everyday is always beautiful.But today i just woke up and i felt beautiful in and out.Maybe because am wearing one of my newest obsession(Skirt),or because i feel fully recovered.Whatever it may be i don't know but one thing i do know is i just want to feel this way always.
Today i wanted to feel chic and girly and still be comfotable.So i paired this orange skirt with a black and white striped top.I usally go for a comfy look whenever i know the day will be a longgggg one,and today is not an exception.Yet in between i still had time for my blog post.lol

Skirts has made a big come back this season with different designs and i am ripping it.Whatever skirt you choose just make sure you think of you body type or figure and shop accordingly.I am tall so the way this skirt looks on me is very different from the way it will look on a lady that's about 5'ft,8-5'ft,9 0r even 10,it's almost on the floor even with my height,So you wouldn't want yours rolling on the floor like a wedding dress.lol.
This skirt is designed to be at the tip of your heels not on the floor,but there are dresses of this design that's design to be shorter.So whatever you purchase just make sure it does justice to your body.
This skirt isn't fitted so i wore a fitted top so as to give my body the right figure.It will make no sense to wear a non fitted top on a non fitted skirt.

You can wear any colour foot wear you want,it depends on the colour of your outfit.I choose white because my top is stripped with white.And i decided to wear flats because i wanted to be as casual as i can.You can step yours up by.....

To me comfort is everything~Ndi'kim
Thanks for stopping by xoxo Ndi'kim


  1. I love your hi-low skirt, very nice and edgy