5 May 2013

New purchase-Sisters gift

So my sister came visiting,yes! am so happy.And she got me a new purchase.(The bag)I have been on this bag for a while and she got me that for a fast recovery gift.YES!I have been under the weather
for some days,but its so good to be back blogging as i have missed it.


So here i couldn't think of any other foot wear than my once upon a time new look kitten heels sandals.I dont really like matching shoes and bags just so you thinking why browm bag and ash colour shoes.Well i can wear anything as long as its in COLOUR

"I try to contrast, life today is full of contrast.We have to change"~Gianni Versace.

                                  Thanks for stopping by xoxo Ndi'kim   


  1. I love the way you styled your hair fredaidehen.blogspot.com

  2. I love d mixtures of colours

  3. Love ur dress!
    Cool mixture.