19 May 2013

Denim....I just can't get enough!

Blue jean are the most spectacular,the most relaxed and nonchalant.They have expression,modesty,sex appeal,simplicity and all i hope for in clothes~Yves Saint laurent.
Jean is one of my favourite and comfortable outfit.It's so comfi that i can sleep in it.
Today i paired my ripped jean with a t-shirt,just wen i was stepping out i ran back in and wore my denim jacket over it.

My foot wear was the perfect one to complete my street look.And its so comfortable.The colour i love.The t-shirt has so much details on it so i didn't need a neck piece.And my little black bag was the final piece to complete todays style.I didn't need to look at the mirror twice before stepping out.
 Be extreme,Your denim should either be really dark or really worn out.
Did i rocked this look? Would you try it?? 

Thanks for stopping by xoxo Ndi'kim


  1. Cool attire,lovely way 2 rock denim I love ma denim 2 madly