30 May 2013

Tees and Denim

I always tell people that i go for comfort over fashion.Today wasn't an exception,as hot as it was i couldn't think of anything else to wear,tees and denim on a pant,is a great go to outfit.You can never go wrong with this.

28 May 2013


An often overlooked and underappreciated accessory. Yet, a great belt can make you look slimmer, pulled together, accentuate curves, and add bling to an otherwise bland outfit. A thick black belt on a black dress instantly narrows the waist and highlights your curves. A skinny belt on a low-slung trouser makes you look polished. But the belt is not just about the silhouette. Think of your belts as pieces of jewelry. Look for unique designs, styles, fabrics, and big buckles. Try out corset belts, hip belts, ethnic styles, red crocodile, green python, zebra print, etc. These are the kinds of belts that you can add to a white dress, a black dress, or jeans and T-shirt-and in seconds the look is transformed.

27 May 2013

Pattern Trend

 Rachel Zoe once said"When you look like you just stepped out of a catalog,that's never good.People shouldn't succumb to trend,they should interpret trend"
In line with the quote,this 2 coloured pattern leggings is trending like no tomorrow.Its also trending in skirts and dresses.I have heard stylist say that the pattern gives a figure to the body and makes you look more curvier and slimmer than you already are,I see alot of women digging this trend,some it looks good and some not.For me i think if you curvy then this trend is a big no no.Why want more when you already have.Anyways,its my opinion,we are all entitile to one.lol.

24 May 2013

Maxi Skirt

 The maxi skirt is the one-woman-wonder of skirts…They are my perfect go-to on a warm day where tights and leggings would be an awful & sweltering idea. They cover my legs, provide a cool breeze, suit my shape & frame, yet still look quite glamorous & effortless,Flattering and fashion forward, comfortable and chic.It’s one hemline that’s hard not to love. But there are some things to keep in mind when wearing longer lengths.To make your maxi look effortless,proper proportions are crucial. Take note of these tips to wear your maxi like pro.

21 May 2013

Black...the new sexy

Some say black is too dark,not for me...i say BLACK IS THE NEW SEXY!Growing up i didn't like black dresses,tops,trouser or whatever,but now i rock black without looking back.I really never thought a day would come that i'll wear black head to toe and still feel good with myself.But today was that day.

Anyways,today was pretty much one of those days i played dress up until i found something new.So i decided to wear my see through lace top and show some skin and i paired it with my half cotton half leather pants.I kept accessories less.And i had a fun,casual and flirty style for my day.

When buying your leather pant ....Always find a pair that is form-fitting. Try a size down from your usual, since the leather will stretch a bit.Don't go too tight.You want to show off your curves, not cut off your circulation.

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19 May 2013

Denim....I just can't get enough!

Blue jean are the most spectacular,the most relaxed and nonchalant.They have expression,modesty,sex appeal,simplicity and all i hope for in clothes~Yves Saint laurent.
Jean is one of my favourite and comfortable outfit.It's so comfi that i can sleep in it.
Today i paired my ripped jean with a t-shirt,just wen i was stepping out i ran back in and wore my denim jacket over it.

16 May 2013

Maxi and Prints

 Maxi is one of my "go to outfit" when i can't think of anything else.Its easy and free.Paired with the right accessories you'll be good and free as the air.

14 May 2013

My Timeless Piece

Everyone needs a timeless piece.Whatever it may be,just make sure it stands the test of time.One of my timeless piece is my faded denim jacket.I love it because its trans-seasonal.I've had it for a while and i wear it for different looks on different days.here's todays style...


12 May 2013

Little Lace Dress (LLD)

This lace dress is one of the girly thing i own,but funny enough it's been lying in my closet since i bought it.But there is always a first time like they say.

10 May 2013

Pretty in Pink

 Happy weekend!Trust you all had a FAB week.Anyways today being friday i couldn't think of any better way to style myself than going out in pink.Yea i know every girl loves pink but i think i am one of those girls that was almost obsessed with pink.I could wear pink everyday all week and won't mind.But growing up i had to minimize it.
Today is one of my casual look days. With my hair still packed up like a chinese lady lol.I decided to pair this navy blue leggings with a pink top so it could brighthen up the whole look.I would have paired it with any bright colour but opted for pink.
High waist leggings or trouser makes your legs look longer than it looks,because it measures from your upper waist down.So if you want to look taller than you already are i suggest you opt for this.

7 May 2013

Still on my Obsession-Skirt

It's such a beautiful day.Don't get me wrong,everyday is always beautiful.But today i just woke up and i felt beautiful in and out.Maybe because am wearing one of my newest obsession(Skirt),or because i feel fully recovered.Whatever it may be i don't know but one thing i do know is i just want to feel this way always.
Today i wanted to feel chic and girly and still be comfotable.So i paired this orange skirt with a black and white striped top.I usally go for a comfy look whenever i know the day will be a longgggg one,and today is not an exception.Yet in between i still had time for my blog post.lol

5 May 2013

New purchase-Sisters gift

So my sister came visiting,yes! am so happy.And she got me a new purchase.(The bag)I have been on this bag for a while and she got me that for a fast recovery gift.YES!I have been under the weather
for some days,but its so good to be back blogging as i have missed it.