23 April 2013

Steal her style -Tuesday

It can be frustrating when you have a red blazer or a polka dot blouse and you don't know how to style it differently without looking too normal,well the good news is i have something to spice up your tuesday style,you just go ahead and style it lol.
Team up a red blazer with a chic polka dot blouse and a dark blue jean trouser,keep accessories minimum for a super stylish tuesday.xoxo!!


  1. hey Kim i love this style and am so stealing it.Hope i can pair it with a white instead of a polka dot blouse and i love flats so can i go for a ballet flats?

  2. @anonymous yes you can.About the shoes i personally think high shoes puts one on the edge(more sophisticated)but hey,flats doesn't mean sloppy as long as you have a good carriage and your head up high you good.Have fun with it.And i hope i helped xoxo