28 April 2013

A little bit of everything

Happy sunday,i believe you enjoyed you weekend*wink*So today i decided that we show off our legs lol.Showing off your legs once in a while or always does no harm,lol.I love todays style maybe because skirt is my new obssession,or maybe i just love the colours involved in todays style.Plum on print i know you would never think towards that direction but yet it looks effortlessly beautiful,i need not say more about the polka dot and red as i had a post on that earlier this week.Whatever style you choose from this two be sure you'll turn heads.Enjoy the rest of your day xoxo. 

26 April 2013

Rain or shine-Fashionably Flexible

Earn your stripes

Stripes are back with force.Be it black and white or coloured,shoes,bags,dresses, just go ahead and earn it.I am currently lusting over stripes and i find myself buying it everytime i walk into a clothing store to buy something.But the truth is am loving it.xoxo!!


23 April 2013

Steal her style -Tuesday

It can be frustrating when you have a red blazer or a polka dot blouse and you don't know how to style it differently without looking too normal,well the good news is i have something to spice up your tuesday style,you just go ahead and style it lol.
Team up a red blazer with a chic polka dot blouse and a dark blue jean trouser,keep accessories minimum for a super stylish tuesday.xoxo!!

22 April 2013

Denim and maxi

Denim is one of my new favourite item.And it should be a must have in every girls closet.It makes every look fun no matter what you pair it with.Here i paired it with a maxi dress.And with the right accessories my day was funfilled.


21 April 2013

Skirt-My new obssession

After 12 years of catholic school,which is also 12 years of wearing different kind of skirts.So lately tee's and statement skirts is my new obssession.This combo has restored my love for skirt again to a whole new level.




8 April 2013

Steal her style-Monday

Step up your monday style and get Victoria Beckham's sophisticated style with this classic dress in bold orange.You'll be glad you did.

6 April 2013


 Prints are very youthful,bright and beautiful.I'm digging this trend this season, as you can pair it with heels for a glam sophisticated look or with flats for a fun casual look and it's a cinch to style.        Here are some chic options I found online.

5 April 2013

Colour of the day-Yellow

 I love colorful outfits.I just couldn't help but upload this glamorous red carpet dress.I love it.

Steal her Style-Everything Colourful

 So today i found this photos of my sister.She did a colour combo with a multi coloured striped top on different trousers,different days and different look.I think she did a good job or what do you guys think??