25 March 2013

One simple thing-The Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is the simplest outfit you can find and it's so perfect.Dress it up and match the jumpsuit with a pair of heels or with a pair of flats. Super stylish and super easy!

Dress up your Maxi

21 March 2013

Casual Thursday-Steal her style

A pair of neon colour jean,baby doll flats is just a good way to begin a great weekend.

20 March 2013

Everything Peplum

Peplum tops fit perfectly! Pair it with a leatherette Leggings for hot,sexy but classy look.

19 March 2013

Pastels vs Neon style guide

 This season both pretty pastels and bold neon make up the trend,so the choice is yours.
Style tip-Tone down your bright colours by teaming them with white or silver or mix up your pastels with floral print or monochrome(just like i did)for maximum impact colour block..You can wear all your favourite colours together for a fresh feel.

15 March 2013

Weekend wear-Black and White


Back to Basic-The Monochrome Trend

Black and white-Interior Decor

I am loving this trend day by day.Not only is it trending in outfits,shoes and accessories,its also in decor which i loveeeee.This trend for me is perfection.The stripes and pattern in this decor makes me lust more and more and i hope you love and try it. and hey! if you don't know where to start,just send me an email and i'll get you an amazing home and office decor,and you'll be amaze at how low it will cost you to get it.xoxo!!

14 March 2013

Accessories are always to die for-Black and white

Like the say"Diamonds are girls best friend,i say accessories are always to die for.In the world of fashion you just have to look your part no matter how.Be it accessories,interiors,outfits etc,it doesn't matter,you just have to shine like a candle in the dark.Never leave home without accessories because that's what makes you stand out.that earing,ring,hairpiece,clutch,necklace,bangles and bracelet might just be the one piece that will give you that classy look.

11 March 2013

Black and White Trend

The black and white trend is the new big thing.From outfits,accessories,bags,clutch,nails shoes,interiors,you just name it.You'll be amaze at what you'll see here this week on the black and white trend.I hope you'll love it.xoxo!

8 March 2013

Next Big Thing

The new big thing is Black and White,It is trending like no tomorrow.I love it so much i had a give a scoop out today,but I'll post more about this trend next week.

Weekend Wear

 Get inspired this weekend and go for a more sophisticated look like ours for your saturday date night,then go super casual for sunday.Its friday,y'all have fun and enjoy your weekend!

6 March 2013

Office to Bar

Inject some colour into your wardrobe with an emerald snake print blouse,pair it with a neutral short or trouser and a wedge sandals for longer looking legs -the ideal office to bar.

Blazers - Five Fun Ways

Get inspire by this five fun ways to wear your blazers and thank me later...lol

5 March 2013

Colour Clash-Day to Night

Mix brightly coloured piece with neutral staples to work the color clashing trend in style this season.

3 March 2013

Steal Her Style -Sunday

Everything in your wardrobe will fit you perfectly,accentuate your best features and make you feel great if you understand your lifestyle and personality.Knowing your size and understanding your budget wouldn't make you look just fabulous but you will feel great.